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Community Fundraising Executive

Community fundraisers create ways to engage with the public to encourage them to contribute to charities.


Authors use words to tell a story or provide information.

Makeup and Special FX Artist

Makeup and Special FX Artists use makeup and sometimes prosthtics to achieve their clients's requirements.
Cultural/CreativeTech & media

Camerman, Director and Producer

Cameraman, directors and producers use a range of skills to plan, film and edit footage, taking a film from an idea to a complete work.
STEMProfessionalLand & constructionSEND


Archaeologists study human history and pre history by exploring sites and analysing any remains they find.

Bus Driver

Bus drivers are responsible for driving large vehicles and taking passangers to their destination.
STEMCultural/CreativeProfessionalTech & media

Video Game Designer

Video game designers use their creative and technical skills to come up with ideas, build the mechanics and create the vision for a computer game.
STEMCultural/CreativeProfessionalTech & media

Assistant Games Producers

Assistant games producers help to project manage the development of a video game.
SportsCultural/CreativeProfessionalTech & media

Founder of an Esports Games Company

Esports founders run a business that might include various activities such as running Esport gaming events, manage Esports teams and working with brands that want to connect with Esports.

Solicitor and Law Firm Director

Solicitors act on behalf of and give legal advice to private and commercial clients. Once qualified, solicitors often specialise in one legal area such as family, litigation, property or tax.

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Executive Assistants complete a broad variety of administrative tasks from managing appointments to composing and preparing correspondence, arranging complex and detailed travel plans and itineraries to creating agendas for meetings.

Volunteering Project Officer & PhD Student

Volunteering Project Officers find people volunteering placements. PhD students complete a research project to then gain a doctorate degree (the highest university degree).

Charity Founder and Local Government Councillor

Charity founders create and run charities. Local Councillors represent the people. They are the bridge between the community and the council.


Actors perform parts mostly on TV, film or theatre to create entertainment and tell a story.
Cultural/CreativeProfessionalTech & media

Writer and Instructional Designer

an instructional designer take written information and create online teaching programmes.

Research Scientist and University Lecturer

design and conduct experiments to gather evidence and may also teach university students.
STEMCultural/CreativeTech & media

Video Game Producer

project manage the development of a video game.

Film Programmer and Journalist

a film programmers curates films shown in cinemas or film festivals and a Film journalists specialise in writing about films.

Chef and Business Owner

prepare and cook food. Restaurant owners look after all the business requirements such as finance, staffing, marketing and business planning.

Theatrical Head of Wardrobe

is responsible for supervising all wardrobe related activities during the course of a theatrical run.

YouTube Content Creator

produces design, film and edit and manage content on social media channels.

Trainee Accountant

looks after the finances of companies to make sure everything is operating correctly.

Assistant Stage Manager

typically provide practical and organisational support to a director, actors, designers, stage crew and technicians throughout the production process.
STEMTech & media

Engineering Degree Apprentice

will typically take on an operator role, involving anything from assembling car engines, fitting and testing machinery, demolishing buildings or checking commercial or RAF aircraft.

Musical Director and Musician

is responsible for the musical aspects of a performance or production, typically the conductor or leader of a music group.
STEMProfessionalTech & media

Technical Support Manager

is responsible for making key decisions for technical issues.

Counsellor and Psychotherapist

treats behaviour patterns and Psychotherapist focuses emotional problems and difficulties.
Cultural/CreativeProfessionalTech & media

Digital Marketing Manager

is typically responsible for developing, implementing and managing marketing campaigns.

Apprenticeship Plumber

Apprenticeships give you on the job training and there are many available.

Online Safety Campaigner

Online Safety Campaigners educate children and adults about online safety.
Cultural/CreativeTech & media

Lighting Designer

Lighting designers ensure the light at an event complements and enhances the performance for the viewer


Florists work with the general public and need to think quickly and creatively

Actor and Performer

Actors portray a role and perform it to an audience

Hairdresser Manager

Hairdressing use their technical and creative skills to create hair styles for their clients.
STEMCultural/CreativeTech & media

Sound engineer

Sound Engineers ensure the sound at an event or recording is right for the listener and production.
Cultural/CreativeTech & media

Web developer

Computer programmers/web developers plan and write the code to make computer programmes and websites to work.

Professional cricketer

Professional cricketers play in a team and contribute to their team's success.
STEMCultural/CreativeTech & media

Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers look after the social media campaigns for businesses

Micro Biology Technician

Science technicians help prepare and process experiments
STEMCultural/CreativeTech & media

Game Music Sound Designer

Meet Tim, a Game Music Sound Designer freelancer

Music Merchandiser and Company Director

Music Merchandisers help performers sell their merchandise
STEMHealth/welfareLand & constructionSEND

Veterinary Nurse

Vet nurses look after the health of animals during surgery and in their care
STEMHealth/welfareLand & construction

Animal Hydrotherapist

Animal hydrotherapists help animals to get well using water as therapy