Deciding whether to go to university, do an apprenticeship or go straight into a job can be a difficult choice to make when you’re leaving school or college, with financial issues often being a major concern. This is where The Pay Index comes in! It has created a free, easy-to-use tool that provides regularly updated information to support you as you consider your future educational options and their impact on your future salaries and employability.

For learners

Students from Year 9 upwards can create their own account here.

You can explore different university courses and apprenticeship schemes, read reports on your mobile or tablet wherever you are – at school, university or at work – and get answers to questions such as: 

  • How might a university degree affect my future salary? 
  • What value would a degree bring to my future job prospects and employability? 
  • How would doing an apprenticeship affect my future salary and career prospects?
  • What is the gender pay gap and what could its impact be on my salary and career prospects?
  • Does where I live or go to university affect my future job prospects?
  • How much is the cost of living in my area or the area I want to live?

Create your account here.

For teachers

For school and college leavers, the choice of going on to higher education, undertaking an apprenticeship or going straight into the workforce is often a tricky one to make – and one that you can support them with, especially with any financial concerns now thanks to The Pay Index! It has created a free, easy-to-use tool that provides regularly updated information to support them as they consider their future educational options and the financial implications.

Use The Pay Index in your career and financial wellbeing sessions with students to:

  • help answer their questions on how their career choice might affect future job prospects and salaries, and to understand the gender pay gap, cost of living where they live and how where they live might impact on their job prospects
  • provide them with inspiration using university data from previous students
  • empower students to discuss their next steps with their parents/carers
  • support them to make informed choices after school or college
  • help you deliver on the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Teachers, career leaders and SLN staff can start using The Pay Index with the following log-in details:

Password: Sussex_teach2021!

Login here: 

For more information on The Pay Index, download the welcome pack.

We can support you and your students to use The Pay Index through interactive group workshops. Please email us here to find out more. If you would like more details on training, please contact Charlie Field.