Career Share Information and Recommended Activities to do with Parents/Carer Volunteers

Career Share is a new campaign to encourage parents and carers across Sussex to engage with and support their school’s careers activities.

Parents and carers are the biggest influencers on young people’s aspirations, and conversations about careers can have a positive impact on students’ grades, their motivation to study and their attitude to success.

By engaging and including parents and carers with your school’s careers activities you can tap into a fantastic network of inspiring stories and real time labour market information that will add interest and value to your careers activities.

Your school [link to your school website page about Career Share] is building a network of parents and carers to call upon for any careers activities you might want to deliver as part of your careers curriculum. Below we have made some suggestions of how to make the most of this valuable resource.

Sharing Career Share with Parents and Carers

As a teacher your contribution to the campaign is invaluable. Through your relationships with parents, carers and students you can spread the word about the initiative and encourage your parents and carers to take part. We recommend you share the following resources in your communications:

  • Website  [link to your school website page about Career Share]
  • Newsletter [link to your school newsletter detailing Career Share] 
  • Handout pledge card
  • Slides [link to school slides]



Videos of workplace

For those parents/carers who work in space that would be interesting to share with students you can request a walk around video. They can do this by holding a phone and talking through the roles of their colleagues and the different parts of the workplace. This can be done live or pre filmed and the file shared with the relevant teacher or careers leader. This will provide students with a behind the scenes view of what working in different spaces can look like. While it does not provide students with a physical experience of the workplace it does contribute to Gatsby 6 and requires minimum input from a parent/carer. Schools can also build up a library of workplace examples.


Virtual or in person chats

Parents/carers can join a class either virtually or in person and talk about their career and job. This could be during tutor, a drop down day or a curriculum lesson related to their work. Students could have a list of questions ready (creating a list of questions could be a pre activity) and even guess the job to add an element of competition. This activity contributes to Gatsby 2, 4 and 5.


Speed networking

Bring in a number of parents/carers (recommend at least 1 per 8 students) to take part in a speed networking event. Students sit in small groups around a large room and each visitor spends 7 minutes with each group before moving on to the next. After an hour or so students will have met and heard about a range of careers. This set up means students are required to engage with a mixture of employees which will broaden their understanding of career pathways and develop their communication skills. This activity is also possible virtually with students attending breakout rooms with visitors. This activity contributes to Gatsby 2 and 5 and 7 if Higher Education ambassadors are included.


Careers day

If your school is planning an in person or virtual drop down day event then parents and carers can be included for a variety of activities including interview practice, CV writing and soft skill training. This activity contributes to Gatsby 5.



There is a lot of evidence that demonstrates the positive impact of ongoing tailored support that mentoring can provide. Parents and carers can be allocated a student or group of students depending on their experience and interest. Mentoring arrangements can be agreed in terms of number and duration of interventions and whether they are virtual or in person. This activity contributes to Gatsby 2, 3 and 5. 


Work Experience

Some parents and carers may either run their own company or work for a company who are able to offer work visits, shadowing or a placement. Being flexible to work experience opportunities taking many forms (in person or virtual, an afternoon rather than a whole week, a group tour rather than providing ‘work’) can allow more employers to contribute their support. This activity contributes to Gatsby 6.  


Teacher CPD

Teachers can build their current industry knowledge which they can pass on to students by inviting parent and carer experts to share their live labour market information. They can join teacher twilight sessions either virtually or in person and help teachers to further engage students by connecting their subject with the world of work. This activity contributes to Gatsby 1, 2 and 4.


Careers Fairs

Traditional careers fair are where employers have stands to represent their company and students have the opportunity to speak to a range of businesses. Some parents and carers may be able to take part in this kind of event if they have marketing materials that represent their employer. This activity contributes to Gatsby 2, 3 and 5.



A way to introduce careers to the whole school in one go is to have regular industry focussed assemblies which parents and carers can attend to talk about their work either remotely (which can be pre-recorded) or in person. This activity contributes to Gatsby 1, 2 and 5.